ILLUSTRATION aids in adding a stylized element either to a Story, Article or as a Backdrop.

The different Mediums and Styles offered will no doubt make your Art needs successfully fullfilled! Portraits can be done remotley with the use of Photos. Abstract Painting is also a style that can be created. Infographics provide a faster mode of communicating IDEAS, FACTS and memorable INFORMATION.


Generic Templates are never used unlike most sites.

Depending on the Project, an Impacting Illustration can bring any idea to life. With many styles and mediums to choose from we can help.  Pen Drawing, Sketching, Infographics, Characture, 3D Skinning, Digital Art and Painting are ready to make your next project great!

Custom Vector Art and other styles can be created for your project or book!


The Business Pricing Plans are better suited for Mid-sized Businesses and Individuals who work independently.

This plan offers MORE services then the Basic and involves more Design Aspects and amenities.


  • 1 Vector Drawing
  • 3 Revisions*
  • 4 Day Turn-around on some images
  • .ai, .eps, .jpg and .tiff Formats
  • Client Consultation
  • Bundles Available.





The Elite Package is suited to complex drawing and vector art which may use custom design work or multiple medias.



This Package is for
a Illustration, Pencil, Pen
and Ink, Painting or Digital [vector]. A


The package covers as well Character Creation and Art Directed Storyboard Art


Please call for more information.

  • 1 Professional Pencil Sketch
  • Image Sketched on Thick Paper
  • Delivered Flat and Protected







  • 1 Professional Pen and Ink Drawing
  • Image Drawn on Thick Paper
  • Delivered Flat and Protected







  • 1 Professional Painting  [Acrylic]
  • Painted on Canvas
  • Delivered Protected
  • 11x14 minimum
  • Paint Charged



  • 1 Professional Character Creation
  • Character Sketch • 4 Revisions*
  • Delivered Electronically or via Paper



  • 1 Professional Digital Drawing [vector]
  • Digital Image [scalable]
  • Delivered digitally • 6 Revisions*



  • 1 Professional Story Board
  • Image Drawn  • 5 Revisions*
  • Delivered Electronically or via Cardstock



Pricing Begins at these rates.

PayPal or Debit/Credit Cards can be used for payments.
Pricing begins at the advertised set price. Pricing will depend on the complexity of the Project.

* After the Free Revisions billing will occur per each new revision. Pricing will be discussed prior to accepting any terms.
  Taxes and Art Supplies are not included to pricing.

A Pricing begins at this advertised price. Pricing will depend on the complexity of the Project., additional fee[s] will be discussed before incurred.

1 Day Turn around occurs on Business Days M—F.

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