icu2 PRODUCTIONS uses a 3 Phase Strategy to

Revitalize and Reimage Business

The following plan will be used to state business focus, demography strengths, weaknesses and which Professional Marketing should be used to accomplish Phase 1

Compile data using Your Businesses Goals and Message 

Research Demography 

Research Competition

Review options both free and payed platforms for Advertising to create a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Be Prepared with a Strategy. Now.

Your Company still has life in it!
Using Marketing Strategies tap into potential current and future Business.

With our help see what steps are needed to INCREASE visibility and attract Business.

Since 1992 icu2 PRODUCTIONS has aided small and large companies such as Coach, Chase Manhattan, New York Life, New York State, 3M, Clover Naturals and many others to achieve Greater Success through Marketing and Advertising.

Our experience guides us to Produce the right Designs for specific demography bases. We Project the feel and look of each individual company and its individual message with our ability to know current trends and selling areas. Reach More People.

"The pace of recovery is likely to get worse before it gets better,” Goldman economist David Mericle wrote in a report. “Fiscal support has largely dried up for now, leaving disposable income lower in the final months of the year. But the largest risk is that the third wave of the coronavirus is likely to worsen with colder temperatures.”


 The economic impact of the pandemic varied from place to place, with metropolitan and coastal areas hardest hit. Disproportionate metropolitan impacts contributed to differences across demographic categories, with Black and Asian business owners suffering the most. US: As of July 15, 33,471 total confirmed and probable deaths and more than 960,000 total confirmed or probable cases were registered. There's been a test positivity rate of about 0.95% in the past 28 days. The British government has lifted all pandemic restrictions in England – including rules on mask wearing and social distancing. And yet UK daily case numbers per million are currently among the highest in the world, according to Our World in Data. Nearly 129,000 people have died from COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, the seventh-highest death toll in the world. On Sunday, it reported 48,161 new cases and 25 deaths. With so much at stake, should economics take priority over public health safety? The fear is a super variant could undo most progress that companies have made to stay afloat and reconnect with customers.


This news should interest business owners because if restrictions are raised again are they prepared? The shift in our new world has forced businesses to become flexible with its workers and adaptable to business tactics in marketing. Companies who work to go back to normalcy, returning to the same business as usual model are failing. 


More than three-quarters of small businesses in the U.S. have been hurt by the coronavirus outbreak, according to a National Federation of Independent Business survey.

If You are reading this you probably are one of these businesses.

With the unknown variable that is the

Delta variant businesses without a

strategy could be in for serious

problem, especially those trying to

Bring Business Back after several

months of seeing no or very little profit



Evaluate New Data from Ad Performance

Use newly aquired information to interact with participants

Use a Secondary follow-up Method to engage a Call to Action


Formulate Tone, Verbiage and Images and Layout to Promote  Brand Awareness

Create various Advertising Layouts aimed to specific audiences

Set an Advertising Budget

Program a schedule to Implement Marketing Strategy

 Phases are Explained in Full Detail during Consultation

By tapping into Social Media and Specific Demography icu2 PRODUCTIONS will use several outlets to Promote, Educate and Motivate Potential Buyers to remember Your Business and What it stands for.

The BEST Advertising is: Word of Mouth. If the public cannot remember where or what business they saw, it will be near impossible to make a conversion, much less gain another loyal follower.

Both Digital and Print Marketing is available.

Our Goal is to help small and big businesses thrive. With our services and experience, we help businesses succeed with marketing regardless of their budgets. we have several packages to choose from.

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Having multiple ads on Social Media and or Print will help attract different people and businesses, create buzz, and drive that traffic to where we want. We’ll set up and manage your campaigns to make sure you’re spending smart and generating as many leads and sales as possible.

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We help businesses succeed with marketing regardless of their budgets.

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The Pandemic has Hurt Most Businesses.


All personal information is kept confidential and not shared, sold or shared with third parties. Information is ONLY used with icu2 PRODUCTIONS #

By using new strategies and training remote workers to produce effectively a business CAN expect positive gains. With many skilled professionals now demanding remote work, not out of complacency, but for concern for health businesses need to take this into account and change policy. One spike in cases could end a business right now if coping with the changing market through planning does not happen.

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Transactions are payed via PayPal, this will insure a faster turn-around, and is used as a binding contract. All mentioned services, deadlines, project specs and PACKAGES are clearly outlined within the contract once agreed to  by both parties. Packages requires full payment in advance, a 25% penalty is retained if the project is ended by the customer during the Phase Process. Customer does not retain any design work as ownership if the project is stopped by the customer. 30 minute phone/Zoom consultation is non-refundable. Any Project cancelled by icu2 PRODUCTIONS, will bind icu2 PRODUCTIONS to make a full refund, including any taxes. Customer retains 100% ownership of ALL final designs. Any preliminary designs not chosen once the final design process has ended belong and are property of icu2 PRODUCTIONS.The state of revisions and artwork not purchased are as well outlined within tthe specific Package payed for [PayPal]. Rates may be higher due to complexity of the project[s], additional fee[s] will be discussed before incurred and will only be set once. These to do include revisions. Any art or comments may be used to promote icu2 PRODUCTIONS. Any work/design doen outside of hte Phases/Packages will require another invoice.

* 4 day turn around includes business days only.


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With our services and experience, we help businesses succeed with marketing regardless of their budgets.


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